New product development – automated web-based technology

National Insurance Company

Categories:  Acquisition / Business consulting / Digital marketing strategy / Inbound automated email marketing / Lead generation / New product development / New technology development / Pay-per-click marketing / Social media marketing / Website development

Our company developed a fully automated online financial report card, which we sold to this national insurance company who was looking to encourage more lead generation through their website and provide more value to prospects.

The Opportunity

Our client, a national insurance company, wanted to provide customers with a value-add option to encourage more website conversions. We worked with them to plan and execute a fully automated online financial report card.

What We Did

  • We developed a fully automated online financial report card that provided consumers with a value-add option to submit their email and convert when on our client’s website.
  • Created a website to promote the application.
  • Created and promoted the application on search engines and using social media.
  • Sold the entire package to our client.

Project Outcome

  • The application amassed a good membership – both for consumers and partners.

Where They Are Today

This project was the acquisition of one of our products and so after the sale it was rebranded as their own and continues to be promoted today.