Acquisition – support splitting of brands, brand transitioning, and then ongoing promotion

International IT Company

Categories:  Acquisition / Brand transitioning / Business consulting / Digital marketing strategy / Inbound automated email marketing / Social media marketing / Website development

Part of our client’s company was acquired by an international company and we were engaged to split the brands and develop a promotional strategy for both as separate and distinct companies.

The Opportunity

Our client was acquired by an international organization and needed a transition plan for the brand and digital media assets, while preserving their already-established content and audience. The remaining entity required a brand refresh, making it separate and distinct from its former parent company. The parent company needed a plan to transition its branding over to the new international brand.

What We Did

  • Audited the blog to ensure that no SEO would be lost in the transition.
  • Put together a comprehensive transition plan for both companies.
  • Transitioned the social media marketing so the existing audience wouldn’t be confused by the new branding.
  • Transitioned the Inbound automated email marketing to make existing assets and campaigns work with the new branding.

Project Outcome

The transitions have gone very well:

  • Successfully transitioned one company in 2018.
  • Moving towards the full transition of the second company now.
  • The client is almost fully integrated with the new parent company with no audience confusion.

Where They Are Today

We are now working with our client to deploy 2019 initiatives and lead generation activities.