Is a Digital Marketing Agency the Right Supplier for Your Social Media?

The COVID pandemic has made businesses realize the importance of having a strong social presence. With most of the communications moving online, it is the right time to focus on your social media platforms and ensure that you’re using them optimally to stay connected with your customers.

When it comes to social media, one important question you need to answer is how should you go about managing your social channels? Is a digital marketing agency the right supplier for your social media marketing services?

The answer depends on your current team’s set up!

If you:

  1. Already have an established marketing team that can really understand and oversee results, and you have someone in place who is directing strategy…

Then outsourcing your social media marketing services could be for you!

But if you:

  1. Have a junior marketing team…
  2. Haven’t quite determined how you want to use social media…
  3. Have been trying to use social media unsuccessfully…
  4. Or haven’t defined the role that digital will play in your overall strategy…

Then outsourcing to a digital marketing agency may not be the answer right now. Sometimes, at these stages, it is better to work with a project management company that also delivers social media services.

Revitalizing or launching social media presences and campaigns is much like a project with many moving pieces. And if you’re not careful, your budget can quickly add up with very little to show for it.

Things that can impact costs and results include:

    • Too many presences.
    • Targeting too many markets at once.
    • Not enough focus on specific markets.
    • Too much or not enough frequency of posts in correlation to the markets being targeted.
    • Too much curated content – no emphasis on SEO.
    • Not having customer or influencer lists.
    • Content for markets but no plan to reach them beyond posting to presences.

The following can help build a social media strategy that is affordable, sustainable, and results-focused:

    • Determining how to reach your goal on budget – not only what you want to spend, but also assessing under what scenarios the spend would be most impactful.
    • Assessing how you will target your market.
    • Choosing the right social media profiles to focus on.
    • Your content frequency.
    • The content mix and type.
    • Influencer planning.
    • Ensuring your content supports the website’s SEO goals.
    • ROI measurement.

However, none of the above should be tasked to a digital marketing agency because those are higher-level marketing choices that rely more on an understanding of your markets and customer behaviours, especially given the current, volatile economic climate.

A project management company who specializes in digital can help:

    • Assess your buyer personas.
    • Help you measure the costs of each marketing approach to target your ideal prospects.
    • Help you build objectives and define a way to measure them.
    • Provide skilled digital resources to execute plans.

If your in-house team isn’t strategy-focused yet, a digital marketing agency may not be the best choice for your social media marketing services. Instead, a project management company that also delivers social media services may be the way to go.

With this method, you’ll be covering both the strategy and the execution. If you choose just a digital marketing agency, you’ll only be covering the implementation – but without a solid strategy, results will be less frequent and harder to measure.

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