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If your purpose is to develop and grow a new product, service, or even division – we are the team for you!

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If we’ve sought you out, we likely know your business. We specialize in the financial, legal, technology, real estate, and CPG industries. We take great measures to get to know your company, culture, markets, and solutions intimately.

We are process-driven in our approach. Here is how we work:


  • Assess

    We look at the objective, budget, and requirements and then organize a plan and negotiate the resources to reach the goal on budget. Haven’t formed a budget yet? No problem. We can help you build one.

  • Plan

    We build a strategy that includes all project requirements including ownership, timelines, dependencies, and the resources required to deploy.

  • Deploy

    We ensure that the various aspects of your projects are deployed on time and that all stakeholders are doing their part to see you reach your goal.

  • Learn

    We assess the project outcomes and look for areas to further accelerate results.

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When we work on your project, we provide all the resources and assets required to deploy.

We have significant experience in the digisphere, including social media, search engines, WordPress websites, Inbound automated email marketing, and more. This is not to mention a stellar communications and development team.

We have significant experience managing projects in the areas of business development, marketing, and customer experience.

  • Develop and promote new products, services, and divisions.

  • Develop and promote existing products, services, and divisions.

  • Sunsetting/rightsizing existing products, services, and divisions.

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Client Successes

Sunsetting of product, product wind down

International CPG Brand

Our client’s parent company decided to stop selling a product that is heavily marketed in Canada. We were engaged to help them come up with a plan to sunset/wind down the product on eCommerce and digital marketing assets with little negative blow-back from customers also loyal to other products of the brand.

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Acquisition, new company launch, and digital marketing support

National Financial Advisory and Accounting Firm

Our client acquired a consumer insolvency practice and was looking to rebrand and find innovative ways to compete. We assisted them to rebrand, which included renaming the division, a new website, new social presences and a new marketing strategy.

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Promotion of 100+ year old Canadian brand

National 100+ year old Canadian CPG Brand

Our client was looking to transition the optics of a 100+-year-old Canadian CPG brand that traditionally spoke to an older demographic to connect and appeal to younger demographics (meaning 45 years old and less).

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Acquisition, new program development, and ongoing marketing support

International CPG Brand

Our clients purchased the distribution rights for Canada to an international brand and engaged us to develop, launch, and maintain digital retail merchandising and marketing in the Canadian market space.

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New company development and deployment of marketing strategy

National Financial Consulting Company

Our client was looking to compete in the debt consulting and insolvency space and came to us to assist with the development of the brand, marketing strategy, and deployment of ongoing marketing initiatives.

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Acquisition – support splitting of brands, brand transitioning, and then ongoing promotion

International IT Company

Part of our client’s company was acquired by an international company and we were engaged to split the brands and develop a promotional strategy for both as separate and distinct companies.

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New company launch and maintenance of digital marketing

National Retail Merchandising Company

Our client, a Swedish company, was looking to enter the Canadian market space. We worked to launch and market this brand in Canada, including digital marketing, product development, website creation, and more.

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New product development – automated web-based technology

National Insurance Company

Our company developed a fully automated online financial report card, which we sold to this national insurance company who was looking to encourage more lead generation through their website and provide more value to prospects.

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Promotion of existing solutions for verticals: financial, real estate, legal, government

National Technology Firm

Our client was looking for a scalable solution to market digitally to the financial, real estate, and legal industries. We put together a program at a fraction of the cost of building a large in-house team by performing strategic services and through leveraging technology.

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Promotion of existing services

National Mortgage Investment Corporation

A newly publicly traded company, our client was looking to leverage BTB digital media channels to develop new investor, broker, and developer relationships.

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New program and product development – business consulting, development of technology

Finance Company – Ontario

Facing increased competition, our client engaged us to make it easier and faster for prospects to apply and receive a personal loan, so we built them a fully automated loan portal.

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New division – proposed, planned, launched, and promoted new tax division

National Insolvency Firm

We pitched the client on forming a new division offering tax consultation services to people with tax problems or debt that they wouldn’t be able to pay. The strategy was to offer a service that created a new revenue stream and enabled the LIT side of the business to capture more leads by bringing in people with tax problems who may not yet even realize they are in fact insolvent or that financial restructuring through a LIT may be the right answer.

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New program – created financial assessment process to expedite file processing

National Law Firm

Created a financial assessment program to organize clients based on financial capacity to pay.

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New program – proposed, planned, launched, and promoted new program for late tax filers

Accounting Firm - Ontario

Our client was looking to increase the profitability of their files. We proposed a program targeting late filers and businesses with tax compliance issues that would lead to the opportunity to prepare multiple years of returns, as well as additional advisory services.

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New product, program development, digital marketing support for multiple verticals, product wind downs

National Technology Firm that Supports Legal, Financial, Real Estate, and Government

Like many companies, our client innovated, creating a new mobile app for customers. Our project was to launch and promote this mobile app. Years later, once the capabilities and functionality existed within the web-based version of the app, we worked to phase out the mobile app.

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For the past 20 years, The Purpose Company team has been consulting companies on how to execute various projects connected to their changing business needs.

With core knowledge in the financial, legal, technology, real estate, and CPG industries, we bring a degree of expertise that results in projects being expedited quickly and smoothly.

When we step into your project, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on initial consulting and research to teach us about the nuances of your industry.

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