B2B Digital Lead Generation Acceleration Formula during COVID19

Many business-to-business (B2B) marketers and sales staff alike blast out messages on LinkedIn or post a blog, but don’t get a flood of sales leads from their efforts — and they are left wondering what is going wrong. This is particularly true these days as people and businesses try to adjust to a new normal and find ways to reach the right audience.

While there may not be anything wrong with the message you are sending out, the problem might be the strategy behind it.

Unfortunately, B2B lead generation isn’t a “build it and they will come” type of deal. It requires strategic planning — and that starts with a great prospect list.

How can you build a better prospect list?

  1. You need it to be CASL-compliant (Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, or your region’s equivalent), which means that if the prospect hasn’t done business with you recently, their email address must be published online.
  2. Emails need to be vetted – either coming from a credible source or digitally validated.
  3. You can do this yourself, however, it often takes a lot longer then you may think to build a quality lead list. For example, if you added two emails per 10 minutes you would have 12 emails per hour. That means that if you added emails for eight hours a day, the maximum potential you could reach would be 100 or so new prospects to the list each day.
  4. Its best to start with a couple thousand emails for a solid campaign, so unless you want to work full-time on this for four months, you may want to consider outsourcing your list building. 😊

Three-Pronged Approach

Start with a list. And then from that list determine your content strategy, including:

  • Email marketing that includes value content.
  • Social media marketing that supports email marketing campaigns and targeting.
  • Direct solicitation via social media.

Then, reach out to the same prospects with:

  • Content on social media – in their communities.
  • Content on social media – through direct solicitation.
  • Direct email marketing that includes value content (Inbound).

Together, this will accelerate your B2B lead generation and you’ll quickly be amazed at the results you can achieve even during these unprecedented times!

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