New program – proposed, planned, launched, and promoted new program for late tax filers

Accounting Firm - Ontario

Categories:  Business consulting / Lead generation / New product development / New program development

Our client was looking to increase the profitability of their files. We proposed a program targeting late filers and businesses with tax compliance issues that would lead to the opportunity to prepare multiple years of returns, as well as additional advisory services.

We created a new program targeting late filers based on the outcome of late filing vs. being behind filing.

The Opportunity

The firm had an objective to ramp up marketing initiatives, but it was clear that we needed to find a niche, or we would just be another accounting company. We pitched developing a program that spoke to specific tax problems and consequences that late filers face. We developed an entire marketing strategy around this focused on the consequences of not dealing with the problem.

What We Did

  • Planning strategy – pricing, services, operations, supporting assets, marketing, and more.
  • Developed a unique voice for marketing speaking to speak directly to target markets.
  • Laid operational groundwork, including:
    • Formed all workflows.
    • Developed forms and documents.
    • Trained staff on program messaging and optics.
  • Deployed of marketing strategy, which included:
    • Social media marketing.
    • Google PPC.
    • Radio.

Project Outcome

The program was a success!

Within the first year the firm saw:

  • New revenue increases exceeding $50,000 gross sales monthly.
  • An increase of more than 3,000 monthly visits to their website.
  • An established social following on LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Increased organic rankings on Google.
  • Recognition of their brand.

Where They Are Today

The program continues to operate and be marketed today.