New division – proposed, planned, launched, and promoted new tax division

National Insolvency Firm

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Our client was looking to create a new revenue stream that targeted a parallel market so that they could reap a secondary benefit – high volume, larger file referrals to their insolvency practice.

The Opportunity

We pitched the client on forming a new division offering tax consultation services to people with tax problems or debt that they wouldn’t be able to pay. The strategy was to offer a service that created a new revenue stream and enabled the LIT side of the business to capture more leads by bringing in people with tax problems who may not yet even realize they are in fact insolvent or that financial restructuring through a LIT may be the right answer.

What We Did

What We Did

  • Planned strategy, including pricing, services, operations, supporting assets, marketing, and more.
  • Laid operational groundwork, including:
    • Formed all workflows, from on-boarding through to processing.
    • Created all forms and agreements.
    • Assisted recruiting a director to oversee the division.
  • Deployed a marketing strategy, which included:
    • Social media marketing.
    • Google PPC.
    • Inbound automated email marketing.
    • eBooks.
    • Radio.

Project Outcome

The project was a success!

Within the first year we had launched the division, marketing, and were on-boarding clients.By the second year:

  • We had hired a program director.
  • The website was receiving more than 4,000 unique visits monthly.
  • We were generating more than 120 qualified leads per month with a marketing budget of only $20,000 per month.

Where They Are Today

The division continues to operate today (seven years later) profitably and has 15 employees.