Sunsetting of product, product wind down

International CPG Brand

Categories:  Brand transitioning / Business consulting / Digital marketing strategy / Social media marketing / Sunset existing product

Our client’s parent company decided to stop selling a product that is heavily marketed in Canada. We were engaged to help them come up with a plan to sunset/wind down the product on eCommerce and digital marketing assets with little negative blow-back from customers also loyal to other products of the brand.

The Opportunity

The client wanted to stop selling a staple product and we had to work on a plan to phase it out.

What We Did

  • Removed all product from eCommerce listings.
  • Removed product from website.
  • Formed a communication strategy over three months to phase out the product.

Project Outcome

We successfully phased out the product with little public backlash nor PR disruptions on our digital media.

Where They Are Today

The product continues to no longer be available in Canada.