Promotion of 100+ year old Canadian brand

National 100+ year old Canadian CPG Brand

Categories:  Brand transitioning / Digital marketing strategy / Promotion of existing products / Social media marketing

Our client was looking to transition the optics of a 100+ year old CPG brand that traditionally spoke to an older demographic, to connect and appeal to younger demographics (meaning 45 years old and less).

The Opportunity

Our client, an established legacy CPG brand in Canada, did not have a much of a digital presence at all. They had experimented using in-house staff, but the overall results had a very juvenile feel. While the client wanted to move away from a much older demographic, they also weren’t looking to cater to teens and young adults as a primary market. With its competitors moving to the online world, we helped plan and launch a complete digital marketing strategy with an emphasis on social media. Our goal was to mix value, promotional, nostalgic, fun, and current content together to create presences with a more well-rounded appeal.

What We Did

  • Planned and executed a digital marketing strategy.
  • Built a basic social media marketing plan.
  • Launched and promoted product giveaways.
  • Maintained social media presences.
  • Trained in-house marketing team on digital media best practices.

Project Outcome

  • The brand has built-up a significant online following in a short time.
  • Their digital presences garnered them national media attention.
  • Their in-house team learned how to transition their marketing to a digital audience.


Where They Are Today

The initiative continues today.