Acquisition, new company launch, and digital marketing support

National Financial Advisory and Accounting Firm

Categories:  Acquisition / Brand transitioning / Business consulting / Digital marketing strategy / Inbound automated email marketing / New company launch / New product development / New program development / Pay-per-click marketing / Promotion of existing products / Social media marketing / Website development

Our client acquired a consumer insolvency practice and was looking to rebrand and find innovative ways to compete.

The Opportunity

The client required some rebranding, a new website, social media assets, and then a marketing strategy to generate new referral relationships and business. This is what we did for them.

What We Did

  • Worked to develop new branding, meant to create positive feeling about a solution that is for people who are struggling.
  • Assisted in the development of a new name and new products.
  • Developed a WordPress website with a self-maintainable CMS.
  • Launched a social media marketing program and transitioned presences through the acquisition.
  • Inbound email marketing program targeting four streams.
  • Google PPC marketing.
  • BTB relationship development that drive new referral partnerships and leads.
  • Enhanced efforts in LinkedIn and Facebook.

Project Outcome

  • We just recently launched the rebranding.
  • The client continues to build and grow the business.
  • The new branding has been very well received in the marketplace.
  • The client is working on continuing to promote the re-branding and driving new lead generation and referral partnerships.

Where They Are Today

They continue to be our client and have been happy with the support provided.