New program and product development – business consulting, development of technology

Finance Company – Ontario

Categories:  Business consulting / New product development / New program development / New technology development

Facing increased competition, our client engaged us to make it easier and faster for prospects to apply and receive a personal loan. We achieved this using technology to build:

  • New program development.
  • New product development.
  • Business consulting.
  • New technology development.

The Opportunity

It was clear to us that the best solution would be to enable the consumer to do more online. We proposed building a fully automated online loan portal. Our client engaged us to research and develop a loan portal whereby clients could apply, be approved, and have the loan processed all online.

What We Did

  • Planning and strategy.
  • Specifying all workflows and requirements.
  • Development of the application (built in PHP).
  • Testing and deployment of the application.

Project Outcome

  • Inbound loan applications and volumes quickly increased following deployment.

Where They Are Today

We are working with the client to expand the portal connecting Inbound automated email marketing forms to deliver value content and drive more repeat business.